Workforce Development

Neutron Detector Summer School

Riva Del Garda, Italy

“In spring 2018, I started working with my advisor, Dr. Christian on simulation and design for a fast, high energy and space resolution neutron detector. Shortly after in July I attended the Summer School on Neutron Detectors and Related Applications (NDRA). While there I learned about many of the methods, materials, and electronics used detect neutrons. I also was exposed to the importance of good simulations prior to experiments. There was also a lot of discussion about applications for neutron detectors like SEE-line type applications, medical physics, and neutron imaging. I also met a lot of great young scientists that I’m still in touch with today. The workshop was really great for me because I had never worked on detectors previously or with neutron physics. This made it a really great opportunity as it really caught me up to speed on the relevant topics, physics, and processes that I wasn’t aware of until then. The summer has really helped me with the research I’ve been doing since then. I learned a lot that I wouldn’t have learned here in a class at A&M.” — Dustin Scriven, Texas A&M University

Stewardship Science Academic Programs Symposium 2018

Rockville, Maryland

“The SSAP symposium allowed me to connect with other researchers and was a great way to learn about opportunities working in national laboratories.” — Dan Hoff, Washington University in St. Louis.