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Poster Presentations


We wish to congratulate CENTAUR student, Mr. Jesus Perello from Florida State University, for winning the Award for Outstanding Poster at 2019 NNSA SSAP Symposium 2019!

Perello talks about his experiences at the symposium:

“My experience at the SSAP 2019 symposium in Alburqueque was quite pleasing. I got a chance to meet several scientists doing research in different areas of physics, which typically does not happen in a typical nuclear physics conference. It gave me a chance to network with
personnel working in NNSA laboratories, such as Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore, which may play a crucial role in obtaining a post-graduate position at one of these locations. I was able to present my work to a large audience that were able to provide advise and appreciate me for my work at FSU, and for this I was one of 12 awarded “Outstanding Poster” at the meeting. Additionally, I got the opportunity to visit a NNSA site, Sandia National Lab, and learn about all the amazing research being conducted as well as the opportunities I may have, if employed by this facility. Overall, the symposium served as a great way to show my work to scientists in different fields and to network with NNSA site employees.”