Neutron Detector Workshop 2018

On May 18, 2018, a neutron detector workshop was held at Texas A&M. Attendees included a variety of CENTAUR-affiliated researchers as well as scientists from the broader low-energy nuclear science community. Topics discussed at the workshop included past, present, and future experiments performed with existing neutron-detector arrays (MoNA, CATRiNA, CLYC) as well as research and development work being performed in support of future neutron-detector arrays for nuclear reaction and decay experiments, and homeland security.

A common theme that developed out of the workshop is the use of advanced plastic scintillator materials with pulse shape discrimination capabilities and high light output, as well as readout techniques to improve position sensitivity to better than 1 cm for large-area fast-neutron detectors. A number of novel ideas were discussed at the workshop, and further development of these ideas and techniques will continue by CENTAUR-affiliated personnel and collaborators.

A list of speakers at the workshop, including links to their presentation slides, is given below:

  • Sergio Almaraz*, Florida State University (Slides)
  • Thomas Baumann, Michigan State University (Slides)
  • Partha Chowdhury, University of Massachusetts Lowell (Slides)
  • Greg Christian*, Texas A&M University (Slides)
  • Michael Febbraro, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Slides Pending)
  • Robert Grzywacz, University of Tennessee (Slides Pending)
  • Grigory Rogachev*, Texas A&M University (Slides)
  • Lee Sobotka*, Washington University St. Louis (Slides)

*Denotes CENTAUR-affiliated faculty.